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Care Coalition: Preparing Veterans For The Next Step

Mackenzie Meaney

The U.S Special Operations Command Warrior Care Program, also known as the Care Coalition, was founded in 2005 and the mission is simple: provide wounded, injured, or ill servicemen and women, and their families, an advocacy plan to navigate the next chapter of their lives due to a life-altering event that occurred while on active duty.

The Care Coalition focuses on four pillars to serve their community — recovery, rehabilitation, reintegration, and career transition, with the largest focus on reintegration. Getting people back or keeping members on active duty is a top priority.

Another thing they do to care for their people is to introduce them to adaptive sports. By providing the equipment and the resources to do so, it can aid in recovery and getting over mental hurdles that can block progress. On their website, the coalition highlights several different sports with informational videos illustrating the basics. They also highlight multiple events that the coalition hosts for adaptive sports all over the United States, including the Warrior Games, the largest event in the world for injured servicemen and women to come together and celebrate their newfound strengths.

To find out more about the Care Coalition, you can visit their website here.

Photo credits: USSOCOM Warrior Care Program’s Instagram