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FitOps Helps Veterans Continue To Work On Fitness

Emilee White

FitOps is one of the most veteran-centered foundations in all of America. Founded by a community of veterans who are bound by their affiliation of service, FitOps supports other people in the military through the power of fitness.

FitOps offers fitness programs to veterans, with multiple testimonials on the site, and have proven how effective fitness, partnerships, comradery, and passion truly are.

FitOps’ Instagram
“I thought this was it, this is as far as I can go, but it’s not – FitOps helped me realize my potential,” said Bobby Somers in his testimonial.

FitOps promises a few things with their programs and the first one is education. The educational classes FitOps provides allow veterans in the program to graduate with better skills than they might have had otherwise. There are scholarships available as well for people in the program to take their education to the next level.

The next promise is good research. Partnered with universities and other research teams, FitOps has found that physical, emotional, and intellectual health, combined with giving veterans the tools to live a purpose-driven lifestyle, has resulted in lower health care costs to veterans, effectively lowering suicide rates.

After graduating from the program, FitOps promises aftercare by remaining involved in its students’ lives. FitOps is on call 24/7 for the graduates, and continue to provide services like counseling, career services, and assisting in personal growth.

Check out more information about FitOps here.

Photo credits: FitOps’ Instagram