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Sports & Service Launch Announcement

Sports & Service

New York, NY November 17, 2022 - On Veterans Day, Jesse Iwuji launched Sports & Service, a new veteran-owned media platform that sheds light on the unique bond between competitive sports and our nation’s military. Sports & Service was founded by 2022 Vetrepreneur of the Year by G.I. Jobs, Iwuji, a former Division 1 college football player at the Naval Academy, a business owner and currently, the only driver in NASCAR actively serving in the United States Military. Sports & Service illuminates a unique relationship forged by mutual respect.

“Today is special for me for so many reasons. I’ve always wished there was a platform that connected two powerful driving forces that helped shape my life, sports, and service,” says Iwuji. “I am so excited to be able to help highlight amazing women and men whose stories will inspire so many others.”  

Iwuji’s two constants are his love of country and fighting spirit. While Jesse’s journey has been well chronicled, he hopes Sports & Service elevates service members and veterans who share his passion for sports. Through stories of true everyday heroes, the platform explores the ways the relationship between sports and service improves the lives of so many people, as well as celebrates diversity in front of and behind the camera. Sports have also been proven and documented to improve the physical and emotional health of Veterans, as well as strengthen the bonds between active military, instilling discipline and readiness to serve.

“I can’t think of anyone more well suited to spearhead this exciting new venture. Jesse is an elite athlete, successful entrepreneur, and effective advocate and I’m so excited to be partnering with him.”, says Sports & Service Co-Founder, Paul Bremer. “We know Sports & Service will help people understand there are incredible connections and opportunities inside and outside this special community.”

About Sports & Service

Sports & Service is a Black/Veteran-owned media platform that celebrates the unique and critical bond between competitive sports and our nation’s military. We will partner with media companies, marketers, leagues and non-profit organizations to help tell the stories of everyday people who view sports as a vehicle for positive change. For more information, please visit www.sportsandservice.com or contact us at info@sportsandservice.com.