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How Catch A Lift Fund Is Getting Veterans Back In The Gym

Mackenzie Meaney

Founded in 2010, the Catch A Lift Fund’s mission has been simple — helping veterans who served post 9/11 to regain their mental and physical health through the institution of working out in the gym.

“Fitness changed my life without a doubt,” said program director Melissa Leuck in an interview with WMAR-TV. “I believe that it saved my life. I believe that Catch a Lift saved my life and they gave me one of the greatest gifts and that was to believe in myself again and just believe that I’m worthy just to take up space in this world to be here. For so long I didn’t have even that basic of self-worth.”

The organization honors the legacy of Chris Coffland, a corporal in the United States Army who was killed in Afghanistan while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2009. Coffland adopted a personal philosophy of how fitness can help people achieve their highest potential, both mentally and physically.

Catch A Lift Fund’s Instagram

The goal is accomplished through gifting both gym memberships and home personal gyms, nutrition plans, personal fitness plans, and support through other peers in the program.

Catch a Lift focuses on four core pillars — nutrition, fitness, emotional wellness, and community. As of today, Catch A Lift has raised over $6.7 million for its cause, along with over 8,600 grants, and over 6,000 veterans enrolled in the program.

The website lists multiple ways to get involved with the organization. From volunteering to events, there is no shortage of ways to support their cause and the veterans who they help.

“The Catch A Lift Fund empowers me on a daily basis to pursue my fitness passions of bodybuilding and powerlifting,” Leuck said on the organization’s website. “Without CAL, I would still think there was a limit to my potential in and out of the gym. CAL is helping me to see there is no limit.”

Photo credits: Catch A Lift Fund’s Instagram