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How Hall Of Famer Veterans Found Success After Sports

Mackenzie Meaney

David Robinson and Roger Staubach are two of the most prolific athletes in their respective careers.

Robinson, who played just under 1,000 games in the NBA from 1989 to 2003, was an elite center with a good eye for rebounding, scoring, playing lockdown defense, and worthy of awards. He played the entirety of his career with the San Antonio Spurs, but prior to the NBA, Robinson was part of the United States Navy, playing for the Naval Academy from 1983 to 1987, before going first overall in the 1987 draft — Robinson spent the first two years after graduation in the Naval Reserve, before going on to join the Spurs.

Staubach, also a student at the Naval Academy, played his entire football career with the Dallas Cowboys after doing a tour in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Staubach played in five Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl VI and XII, and eventually, his number, 12, was retired by the Naval Academy. Staubach is considered one of the best Cowboys players of all time and was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

So, as you can see, Robinson and Staubach have a lot of similarities — they are both Naval Academy products with high success in their athletic careers. But the similarities don’t stop there. Robinson and Staubach both now work in real estate.

Robinson and his business partner, Daniel Bassichis, formed the Admiral Capital Group in 2007. Named after Robinson’s nickname as a player in the NBA, the website lays out all the ways he and his business partner use their skills to help others, illustrating an impressive track record with over millions of dollars in investment success.

Staubach launched The Staubach Company after he retired from the NFL and has grown exponentially with some major clients and international partnerships. After working real estate in the offseason, Staubach was able to turn it into his career after he retired and has earned the most money in retirement of any NFL player according to CNBC. Staubach is also known for really valuing his employees, understanding their hard work and effort that they put in to see the company grow.

These two veteran legends’ foundations in the Navy and in sports have been more than beneficial for these two greats. The ability to collaborate, work with a team and reach common goals are things that transcend the boxes of one place, and into all facets of both Robinson and Staubach.

Photo credits: David Robinson's Twitter, Roger Staubach’s Instagram