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Meet Personal Trainers And Nutritionists Who Also Served In The United States Military

Emilee White

Here are six veterans — plus one retired military spouse — who are personal trainers, nutritionists, and health and wellness coaches.

Michael Gernold

Michael Gernold served six years in the Air Force, safeguarding nuclear missiles. When asked in an interview with Men’s Journal why he wanted to pursue a career in personal training, Gernold said he was always into working out and wanted to continue his “fitness education.”

Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean

Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean wears many hats in her professional life — author, motivational speaker, adjunct professor, entrepreneur, and a life, transformation, and total wellness coach. Jackson-Dean is an Air Force disabled veteran who uses her expertise to provide coaching services to women, men, and veterans; she also founded Greatness Pursued, a non-profit that helps veterans, especially women veterans and other under-privileged people achieve their goals.

Alfree Parani

Alfree Parani served in the Marine Corps for 12 years who has first-hand experience in combat. Parani has always been interested in the fitness world and wanted to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

Jermaine Emptage

Jermaine Emptage served 10 years in the Army, and was stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. During his service, Emptage was a drill sergeant that was in charge of training new recruits so once he entered his civilian life, he wanted to continue what he was already doing and became a trainer.

Timothy Johnson

Timothy Johnson served in the Marine Corps for five years and was deployed to Afghanistan during his service. Johnson pursued a career in personal training to make a change in his life, including his mind and body.

Oliver Hester

Oliver Hester is a U.S. Army veteran who founded Primetime Sports and Fitness. Hester works as a personal trainer and a sports performance trainer, and provides nutrition and wellness advising to his clients as well

Dr. Kella Price

Dr. Kella Price is a retired military spouse — her husband was a Marine F-35 pilot who served for 23 years. Price is the founder of the Healthy Fit Foundation, which provides proper education on overall health, including physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, occupational, and economic, to the community.

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