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Merging Vets & Players Is Proving The Battlefield And The Athletic Field Aren’t That Different

Mackenzie Meaney

For both veterans and professional athletes, the day they take off their uniforms can be the hardest moment. All their lives, they have been training, playing, and competing. Now, in retirement, many are unsure of what to do.

That is where Merging Vets & Players (MVP) comes in. The organization's mission is to connect these veterans and former professional athletes together, along with a team, to help ease the transition to normal life. It was created by Nate Boyer, a former green beret and player for the Seattle Seahawks, and Jay Glazer, FOX Sports NFL insider.

To date, MVP has helped over 1,000 former athletes, and 2,000 former combat veterans, and impacted the lives of over 10,000 people.

"Vulnerability is what makes us so damn strong and badass," Glazer said on the website. "It's not the muscles or the gun battles, the punches or shoulder pads, it's the heart we show and tears we flow together that truly show our strength."

Currently, MVP is in eight cities: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, New York, and Dallas. It also has virtual sessions online, and each class is full of different people, with different backgrounds and stories to tell. MVP boasts a 92 percent retention rate, showing that these meetings, and the people within them, are special and that the program has helped the lives of tons of people.

Find out more about MVP here.

Photo credits: Merging Vets & Players’ Instagram