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Once A Leader, Always A Leader

Mackenzie Meaney

Rob Lively has been heavily involved in helping to improve the lives of others for almost all of his life. The quality that many use to describe Lively is “leader.”

“Rob is a true gladiator who has literally fought in the arena for our country,” said Jim Barnes, the CEO of enVista as an endorsement to Lively. “His views and approach on leadership are deep-rooted in personal experience and command during his celebrated career. Rob’s approach to leading outside the moment is common sense put to practice. He brings real-life experience that you can relate to and apply in the real world.”

Lively was born and raised in the Washington D.C area, grew up playing many sports, and was instilled with the values of hard work and service. After high school, Lively attended Virginia Tech and then afterward, joined the United States Army.

TRX Elite

After 28 years in service for the United States Army, Lively retired in 2019. Lively was a part of the 10th Mountain Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment, otherwise known as the Army Rangers, where he worked his way all the way up to the rank of Command Sergeant Major, one of the highest ranks in the military. Lively led missions in dangerous warzones all while staying organized, calm, and looking out for those around him. Additionally, Lively helped train prospective soldiers at Fort Bragg, where he was in charge of leading elite special missions for over 21 years.

When Lively retired, he took up a job at TRX Elite, a subsidiary of TRX, the fitness equipment that uses a person’s body weight for training. As the president of TRX Elite, Lively was able to help develop a program focused on the readiness, health, and wellness of the military, police, and fire responders as well as other first responders. Today, Lively is no longer in the president role, but he still works as a consultant in the company.

Lively also started multiple charities and scholarships to support military personnel and reward leaders in their high school with a few extra dollars to put towards college tuition.

In addition to TRX Elite, Lively does public speaking events, sharing his stories, wisdom, and guidance to others, to hopefully bring out their leadership qualities and inspire the next group of changemakers.

Photo credit: TRX Elite, Rob Lively’s Twitter