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The Paramount Veterans Network Takes A Unique Approach To Career Transition

Emilee White

The Paramount Veterans Network works to provide networking opportunities to veterans, active duty, National Guard, and Reserve members for both personal development and employment. Through mentoring, guidance, and career counseling, the organization helps veterans transition from service to civilian life, providing career opportunities as well as education, training, and even employment.

Through the mentorship and veteran summer internship programs over a thousand veterans are employed at Paramount Global as of 2022. Inside Paramount Global, the Paramount Veterans Network works with other organizations within the company to make sure that the Military and Veteran communities are represented accurately on affiliate networks. This includes CBS and the annual Army-Navy football game.

“The Paramount Veterans Network has allowed me to enjoy opportunities like this,” said veteran Janina Rios. “Being at the Army-Navy game to me is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is my first game here. The energy, the crowd, it's so amazing. I've never experienced anything like this before. I have served my country and I am proud to be here”

Rios, who retired from the Army National Guard in 2017 after seven years, is currently studying film at Syracuse University. Rios explained that when she joined the organization, she immediately felt she belonged, “the Paramount Veterans Network is like the military because when I joined them, I felt a sense of community. I felt a sense of purpose.  We go out there and support other organizations.” Rios concluded by saying, “It is just a great network to be a part of.”

Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, Ret. Saeed Mustafa echoed Rios’ sentiments.

“The Paramount Veterans Network is an incredible organization,” Mustafa said. “It helps veterans not only inside their organization, but outside in the community with transitioning from military to civilian life.”

In addition to career advancement services, the Paramount Veterans Network and the Paramount Legal Department provide pro-bono legal aid to veterans and their families. The organization also partners with local radio stations for public service announcements every year to “highlight issues of critical importance to veterans, active duty military personnel, and their families.”

To learn more about Paramount Veterans Network, visit their site here.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Paramount Veterans Network’s Instagram