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Save Our Allies: Helping People Around the World

Mackenzie Meaney

Save Our Allies serves to rescue and assist Americans, and others, in war-torn areas and resettle them in new places.

The organization started in response to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan when the Taliban seized control of the country. Through the personal military experiences of Chad Robichaux, Sarah Verardo, Nick Palmisciano, and Tim Kennedy — founders and board members of the organization — Save Our Allies became fully operational.

Tim Kennedy’s Instagram

Verardo’s husband was injured in Afghanistan from two different IED attacks, and Palmisciano was one of the first people on the mission to get people out of Afghanistan, an effort that rescued over 12,000 refugees. Prior to that, Palmisciano served in the military for six years. Kennedy — retired mixed martial arts pro — is a sniper and master sergeant with the special forces, and worked directly on the hostage rescue team with the green berets while Robichaux — a fourth-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu — is a Force Recon Marine.

Now, Save Our Allies has extended to Ukraine, to help assist people out of the country due to Russia’s invasion in February 2022. The organization has a 12-person team on call, ready for any rescue situation.

You can visit Save Our Allies’ website here, and from there, donate to the cause or pick up some merch.

Photo credits: Save Our Allies’ Instagram, Tim Kennedy’s Instagram