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The Mighty Oaks Foundation: Reducing The Mental Health Stigma Surrounding Veterans

Mackenzie Meaney

The Mighty Oaks Foundation assists servicemen and women with all of the struggles that can come with being in the military.

Struggles in their daily lives, grappling with the uncertainty of deployment, PTSD, and other disorders plague our nation’s warriors, past and present as well as first responders. The leadership team consists of alumni, who have experienced firsthand the hardships that come with deployment, being separated from their families, or struggling with PTSD. They meet with the participants at a peer level, engaging in more casual conversation than rigid support.

Mighty Oaks Foundation’s Instagram

Chad Robichaux, a fourth-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Jeremy Stalnecker (both former marines) are just two of many masterminds behind Mighty Oaks. Multiple people on Robichaux’s staff are either current or former servicemen and women or are family members of people who served in the military. Robichaux started Mighty Oaks after he realized that he wasn’t the only veteran struggling after deployment. Seeing a lack of support in that category, Robichaux created the Might Oaks Foundation to help countless others just like him. Stalnecker helped Robichaux by building the curriculum and developing programs for the organization with the goal of connecting veterans and creating a community,

“There just weren’t really any programs for that, where people could come together, talk, and deal with what they [struggled] with, with an understanding of faith,” Stalnecker said. “That’s why we started it. It was really bringing together all of the things that were important to us as we found our own kind of way forward after the military.”

Mighty Oaks offers numerous programs for veterans. Guest speakers, lodge stays, resilience programs, aftercare, marriage counseling, and their legacy programs are a few of the things that are offered to participants.

To support the Mighty Oaks Foundation, you can visit the website here.

Photo credits: Mighty Oaks Foundation’s Instagram