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The Navy SEAL Foundation Supports Its Elite Warriors After Retirement

Mackenzie Meaney

The Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) is one of the only military-themed charities to serve only one branch.

Catering to both the SEALs and the SWCCs (Special Warfare Combat-craft Crewmen), the Navy SEAL Foundation supports veterans, current servicemen, and their families. As the Navy SEALs and SWCCs are some of the most revered and elite warriors in the entirety of the Navy, the foundation works to help them during and after their service to the United States.

“[The Navy SEAL Foundation] is so buttoned up and it’s going to a community within the veteran space,” said Carolyn Petschler who works in the development department at NSF.

The foundation stands on five pillars of support — strength, resilience, health, education, and community. Each one has multiple programs within it. From mental and physical therapies to working through tragedies and recoveries, providing scholarships, and helping to preserve legacies, the SEAL foundation goes above and beyond for each of its participants.

NSF also hosts multiple events for members. Golf tournaments, marathons, open water swims, tributes, and dinners are a few of the ways the foundation takes care of its members, raises money, and remembers the memory of fallen service members.

Photo credits: Richard D. Schoenberg