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Vet Tix: Giving Event Tickets To Veterans For Free

Mackenzie Meaney

Veteran Tickets Foundation, or Vet Tix, is a non-profit that works with numerous major sports teams, promoters, and venues. Vet Tix also connects veterans to them, giving former servicemen and women tickets to games, concerts, museums, and other events as a token of appreciation.

Throughout their lifetime, Vet Tix have given away over 12 million tickets to veterans and counting. The resources to go to any type of events reduce stress, increase family bonds, and build memories for former service people and their families. So far, Vet Tix have been handed out in all 50 U.S. states as well as in Washington D.C.

Veteran Tickets Foundation’s Instagram

Michael Focareto III is a disable veteran of the Navy, having sustained his injury when he served in the first Gulf War, and now is the founder, chief financial officer, and chief executive officer of Vet Tix. Forcareto, along with the rest of his executive staff, are all veterans themselves, or family members of veterans, and have witnessed first hand the throes of service, along with the transition back to civilian life.

Vet Tix’s reason for getting involved in the veteran community is simple: millions of veterans have served during wartime, have battle-related disabilities, and have served multiple deployments, and having the resources to give tickets away to people who have served makes the transition to civilian life a little bit easier and a little less stressful.

The organization highlights four core values on its website — patriotism, support and recognition, quality of life, and family. Each category is important to one another and these values ensure that each veteran is seen, celebrated, and appreciated.

Photo credits: Veteran Tickets Foundation’s Instagram