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Video: Fearlessness On Guard And On The Field

Mackenzie Meaney

United States Army Captain Matt Hurley has always been a fearless competitor.

Playing lacrosse for the United States Military Academy, Hurley graduated from West Point and defended our country with the Army Rangers. Now, Hurley serves at Arlington National Cemetery, honoring the fallen men and women who protected our freedoms.

“The mission of the old guard here, in Arlington National Cemetery, primarily is to honor our fallen from memorial affairs, as well as conduct ceremonies and special events to represent the Army and share our story both to our nation’s citizens and to the world,” he says.

When Hurley is not out on guard, he is coaching lacrosse. After playing four years of lacrosse at Army, Hurley was connected back to his high school alma mater through the Soldiers to Sidelines initiative and he now assists the junior varsity program.

“The Soldiers to Sidelines experience equipped me with the skills and confidence necessary to develop student-athletes into young people of character,” Hurley said.

Photo credit: Flickr