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Video: Rob Jones Continues To Be An Inspiration To All

Mackenzie Meaney

Whenever Rob Jones sets out to accomplish something, it always seems to get done with a smile on his face, a strong sense of determination, and a wave of supporters behind him.

“It’s really inspiring because he has a lot of grit,” one supporter said.

The commitment Jones has to all his endeavors started during his time as a Marine for the United States. After doing a tour in Iraq as a combat engineer, Jones volunteered to go to Afghanistan, where he ultimately lost his legs due to an explosion.

“Whatever happens to you and you’re not dead, you’re still going, your heart’s still beating, so you survived,” Jones said.

Any tragedy would set someone back, it’s all part of human nature. But Jones’ choice to respond unwaveringly and motivate himself and others to get back up proved to be influential. In 2012, Jones and rowing partner Oksana Masters won bronze at the Paralympic games in London, two years after his accident. In 2013, Jones biked across the country to raise awareness for veterans, and in 2017, he ran a marathon in 31 different cities.

On top of that, Jones is constantly raising money for veterans and their families.

“I believe that when someone is faced with a hardship or tragedy, instead of seeing that as a detriment to their success, or something that’s in their way, I think we should see that as a tool to make ourselves stronger and be able to improve our life and the lives of other people around us,” Jones said.