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Video: The Relay For Heroes

Mackenzie Meaney

Even though it is no longer run, the Relay for Heroes events was one of the most interactive endurance events put on to support veterans who are suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

Put on outside the Intrepid in New York City in 2019, thousands of relay teams come out to take turns running. Teams of both veterans and civilians join the cause and show their support.

“To have not been able to run these past three years (due to a traumatic brain injury) has been really hard,” said Navy vet Amanda Burrilll. “So today to come back and arun a relay race with a bunch of veterans back on a Navy ship, and for this cause, there’s a full circle thing happening.”
“It’s really nice to run for something bigger than yourself,” said Lia Barsanti as she ran her leg of the relay.

Even if it is just down and back, the support and emotions are felt radiating through everyone. The power sport has to bring people together and make others smile is something unlike anything else. The Relay for Heroes does just that.

Photo credit: Shutterstock