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Video: This Army Intelligence Officer Is Hoping To Slide Her Way To The Olympics


At one time, the U.S. Army slogan was “Be all you can be.” Megan Henry is certainly doing that – and then some. The Roxbury, Connecticut native joined the Army reserves in 2009 and shortly thereafter, became a military intelligence officer.

“As an intelligence officer, you’re kind of responsible for knowing the enemy, our capabilities and making the best predictions for the commander and the pressure with that is that you can’t always accurately predict the future. You’re responsible for people’s lives.”

During her time in the reserves, Henry was selected to the elite athletic program and jumped at the chance of putting the skills she demonstrated as a field hockey player at American University in Washington, D.C., to good use.

“If you have the potential to make an Olympic team, you can apply. This is essentially my job for a given time period and their goal is to have the army represented at the Olympic games. It’s the world’s largest athletic stage and it’s also to help boost morale.”

She chose to try out for the U.S. Olympic team in the skeleton, which is basically the fastest sled you’ve ever seen. Henry has represented the United States in World Cup competition and even captured a bronze medal in an event in 2020. She has her sights firmly set on making the 2022 Olympics.

“It’s been so cool for me to represent the army in the military uniform and to represent Team USA in another uniform. I don’t think there are many people that can say they represent the country they love in more than one uniform. I feel really honored and blessed to do so.”

Henry’s journey hasn’t been without setbacks. In 2012 she survived a pulmonary embolism which put her life and many of her dreams on hold.

“It was a huge reality check and it was very depressing for me. Doctors told me that I may never be an athlete again.”

Henry recovered and proved her doctors wrong. Even as she continues to chase her Olympic dream, Henry is advocating about the dangers of blood clots, partnering with medical professionals to raise awareness about them. There is no doubt that Megan Henry is truly being all that she can be.